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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-03 at 9:08pm
Matthew 10:34 is jesus talking to the jews. He is reminding them that he is not going to save everyone. (the story is that the jews are completely ignorant to God, and they don't pay attention to him even though he continuously persecutes them and prophets come and tell them ahead of time, so you know the story and you don't just take this verse literally). In luke 12:51, in a different account of the same event, he says "Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division" this suggests that he is not going bring harm, but judge. I'm supposign that your using this verse to say that Christ is here to harm us and do damage, and is all bad, because of the way you take things literally and somewhere developed this idea that all organized religion is wrong, and that only your opinion matters. Atleast that's how it comes off. I don't like super conservatives who try to make you feel bad for not being as "perfect" as they are. I don't like people who take the bible literally, and don't even look into it. I don't like people who just go to church on sunday and don't think about it any where else in life and suppose that they are goign to be "saved". Just like you I don't like alot these things. Religions are different. I don't believe in the Devil or Hell, or Heaven immediatly following death. And I can back that all up scripturally. So show some respect and don't completely diss all religions because we are not all mindless zombies, and in doing so you insult me and I'm sure lot's of other people. It's fine to state your opinion , but do so with respect. I don't run around saying, "Man , those aetheist are fuckers".
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