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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 11-23-03 at 10:21pm
Oooo, wow, I'm impressed. You've managed to take my comment and somehow turn it so that it involves my dad getting me in the ass. That's never been done before. Not to mention it took you a fuckin half hour to get it out. And phil doesn't take pictures from his videogames and use them as a woohu icon, you stupid dolt. He takes pictures that show how kick ass he is and uses them. Only a sad fuck like you does gay shit like that. And since we're on the third grade kick , You have small balls. How do I know you ask? well, your mom tells me everything. I'm sick of dealing with you sick fucks and your anal dreams for the night, I'll talk about how you guys sit around at home and fondle eachother's assholes later.
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