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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-03 at 6:25pm
this is a compilation of why your stupid, from both arguments.

I do have real friends. I'm not an ass to them because they kicks as much, if not more, ass than I do. I don't really care about you dumb dick licking crybabies because your not my friends, because you don't kick as much ass as my friends do.
If your attempting to make me feel about being an ass to people who are assholes in their own your right, please , save yourself some energy, and the earth from some exposure to stupidity by not talking.

I'd like to see anybody on this page try and make a smartass remark to me in person. If they are not a girl, their comment will be followed up with a swift one of the following:

1)A swift punch to the face

2)A swift punch to the face

If it takes me 90+ comments to prove how much of a nimrod some people are, than so be it.
I'd also like to note your user settings. I've seemed to notice a pattern with you bitches. Heres a step by step to becoming a bitch:

1)Use an anime picture from some random japanese cartoon

2)Make your name have to do with some sort of emotion that makes it sounds like anyone gives a fuck what you feel

My name is tuwang, I got it because it is a messed up version of Wutang, as in the wutang clan. I said it wrong when I was like five, and the name has stuck. Do you see somesort of meaning behing my name? Tell me what the meaning of your name is other than you being a Whiny Pussy Bitch.

In conclusion, I'm not an ass to everyone, only to Ass Lickers like you.
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