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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-03 at 7:49pm
I'm using big words eh? Is whiny pussy bitch too big for you? or was it swift that started to confuse you? Don't insult me just because I can express how much of a retard you are better then you can my way. I don't judge people by the what music they listen to, I judge them by how they act. Maybe if you didn't cry so much, I wouldn't call you an emo fuck, and you wouldn't be such a fucking dolt. And how am I the judgemental one? Notice how you guys have all labeled a "poser" of some sort, even though I don't listen to any sort of punk music, and I don't act like I have a boner in my ass. I was attacked , therefor I defend myself. Is that too complicated for you? idiot.

Plus if you will notice, my comebacks are definitely more than three words. like for instance:

Oooo, wow, I'm impressed. You've managed to take my comment and somehow turn it so that it involves my dad getting me in the ass. That's never been done before. Not to mention it took you a fuckin half hour to get it out. And phil doesn't take pictures from his videogames and use them as a woohu icon, you stupid dolt. He takes pictures that show how kick ass he is and uses them. Only a sad fuck like you does gay shit like that. And since we're on the third grade kick , You have small balls. How do I know you ask? well, your mom tells me everything. I'm sick of dealing with you sick fucks and your anal dreams for the night, I'll talk about how you guys sit around at home and fondle eachother's assholes later.

More than three words

Let me ask you a question? Where did you get yoru name? I know for a fact your a lazy fuck, and all you do with yourself is play videogames, taking a break every now and then to talk to your girlfriend. Therefore, if you are not participating in any physical activity, that requires more than moving your thumbs, how can you be winded? YOu aren't , you fuck!! and your definitly not a hero because you haven't saved shit. Oh right, you saved me alot of trouble by showing everybody who isn't an emo bitch that your obviously an incoherent cock smoker.

more than three words

1)I changed my picture BEFORE I ranted about it

2) I clearly stated that pictures of singers were fine and I had nothign against them, which you'd have to be fucking retarded to miss

3)I don't hate your journal, just those queer pictures with the lyrics at the top. It makes me feel liek I'm listening to some little girly teenage girl music who wines about shit that doesn't really happen to her.

more then three words. Shall I continue?
I'm obviously saying something that makes you realize how big of bum fuckers you, because joe gave up, and he's obviously the smartest out of all you bitches.

Oooo, I'm immature, nice one you mindless zombie whore.

ANd before you attempt to insult my intellegence whatsoever, it's impediment, you dumb whore.

Try coming up with something better than everyone else is. Be different, you fucking clone.

Do I think I kick more ass than you? yes

Am I sure that I kick more ass then you? yes

How do I know this? You tried arguing with me, and that was a bad move.
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