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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-03 at 6:40am
Well, now that you've completely insulted my family, I guess that you win...

Just kidding , Fucking Dolt.
I know my brother well enough to know that he doesn't care if I talk shit or not, And I don't ALWAYS talk shit. I don't know how many times I"m going to have to say that until it get's through your stupid discombobulated heads. Rats can make it through a maze to cheese, but you bitches can't remeber that I'm not an ass to everyone, ONLY whiny bitches like yourself.
I don't know who dawn is, or what the fuck your talking about. And if something did happen, Which I highly doubt at all, Then it obviously isn't important enough to remember.

P.S. You've probably talk to my brother once, he doesn't associate himself with whiny emo bitches like you.
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