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porcelain (profile) wrote,
on 12-07-03 at 2:56am
Fucking whore. I 'hate' the way that people are so biased about situations, so fucking certain that they're right about everything that they never stop to realize what complete asshole-fucking-whores they're being.

She's a slut. A bitch. And I'm sorry if she reads this and gets all pissed at you, but she deserves it. To be as narrow-minded as her must be a pain in the ass. I can't wait till she, one day, realizes how much of a fucktard she's been to everyone.

And I hope that everyone realizes that you've done nothing wrong. It was a simple mistakes that you've tried to correct, and everyone was too bitchy and "Oh god, let's do the right thing and stand up for that bitch because we want to be cool" to even notice you. =\ I'm sorry.

Feel better.
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