Anonymous wrote,
on 11-09-02 at 11:31pm
Sometimes (more often than not) the world sucks. But just because at any given time someone is trying to hurt you, does not mean everyone is your enemy. Not everyone sucks. You [I am Jack’s wasted life] make me sad. If everyone were to say "Fuck it. Who cares?" the world would become a cold place indeed. As it is the only thing that keeps me getting up in the mourning is the mere fact that someone, someday may care. Granted that I don’t know who this person is, but someday I may find that person who makes it all worthwhile. Call me naive but if I find that special someone I wont ever have to wonder “why?” I would never have to loss faith ever again. That person will save my soul from the pain I have been going through. I have to believe that I exist for some reason. This reason appears the most plausible.
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