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I_Am_Jacks_Wasted_Life (profile) wrote,
on 11-10-02 at 8:04pm
Nonsense. In the event that everyone were to say fuck it, who cares, the world would be great. No one would be worried about others expectations etc. People would live only for what they believed in and not what somebody else thinks should be lived for. People would be more free. Life would definitely take a turn for the best. People would still find their "better halves" but it would be more for the right reasons. It wouldn't be a Hs/She will love me because i am going to change something about myself for them. They would be in love because they accept everything about that person. No changes necessary. Any other form of life would have to be (in my opinion)absolutely obsolete. Thanks for the input though, and im sorry if i make you sad. But, then again, fuck it, who cares.
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