Anonymous wrote,
on 11-10-02 at 9:22pm
You {I am jacks wasted life} surprise me. And not in a way that you should be offended, quite the opposite, you made me surprise myself. Thanks you helped me to understand whatís wrong with my life. I, like so many people, try to hard. I however enjoy my life, however unfulfilling it is. Sure I jump through hoops to try to get people to like me, but thatís what Iíve done all my life. I AM A PATHETIC LOSER. However, this is part of my very being if someone were to like me under there own volition, I would probably die. Not because the world would end, but every other person in the past wanted something from me. If in the past it seemed like someone liked me for no reason, in reality they were just hiding their true intentions. Everyone wants something, it just makes it easier for me if they just tell me point blank their goals. Sure I feel like some kind of Trick Monkey but at least talking with a mental prostitute is better than staying in the cold darkness of my own private world.
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