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I_Am_Jacks_Wasted_Life (profile) wrote,
on 11-12-02 at 2:44pm
I'm still not sure you're getting the point. You are getting closer though.. Even if you are jumping through hoops like a trick monkey, enjoy it. If that is all that your life has been, and if that is what makes you happy (Stretching due to unfulfilling remark) then enjoy your jumping. Im not telling you how to live, it may sound kind of like it, but as with any other advice it is free to take and choose from. If you can be a part of someones life and give them something, and thats what makes you happy, Fuck it, Who cares? Hand out another hoop to jump through. This goes along with be happy with what you do. At any and all times. (By the way, my dark world suits me just fine, so well... you know...)
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