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greeneyes0588 (profile) wrote,
on 01-17-04 at 9:51pm
funny u say that!im looking at a bottle of vodka right now. Low can't describe how i feel. However, i can tell ur passionate and talented. Most people are either one or the other. You have no idea how much ur appreciated unless u open up. If u dont give a fuck about people then stop caring. Thats how i delt with things and look where its gotten me. Im want to write some more because it sounds like u need it but i doubt you'll read it. I have a talent myself and im in the top one to one tenth percent of what i do. I screwed everyone over to get where i am and now all i have is my talent, my passion and my skill. i don't know who my friends are anymore either because i dont know who wants to help me and who wants to screw me over to get where i am. However i have few close people always around me and they're the ones that tell me i suck when i truely suck. The ones that are always telling me how good i am are there to use me. Maybe the friends u think aren't yours are the ones that really care about you. I may be wrong because im getting tipsy and i don't know you. Good Luck my friend!
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