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dragon-bearer (profile) wrote,
on 01-30-04 at 7:54pm
Take a deep breath...

You know what? I’m kind of sick about you always talking down to yourself about everything. Not beautiful? Not clever? You have more beauty than anyone I know. You are the sweetest, most kindest person in the world to me. You always get along with everyone, you’re loveable, and that is why you are my best best best friend in the whole entire world. You know why you would have gotten a boyfriend before me if I didn’t get Ryan back? Because you have the bestest personality. It just strikes me as odd why anyone would ever want me…why do you love me Amelia? It’s one simple question. I am rude and inconsiderate. For Christ sake, I did this to you. I made you feel like you do. I made you feel as though you didn’t have a friend in the world, so why be mine? You are everything in my eyes and I’ll care about you forever. I’ll love you forever. Forever is more than a day…a week..a month….a year….a century….a million years…..2 billion light years….I’ll love you when there’s nothing left…, when the universe has ceased to exist. And If you are not ment to be loved back, then I wouldn’t have a purpose. I would be some worthless thing…a plague-sucking up all life around me as though there is no happiness left. Without you, I wouldn’t be me. Without your love, I wouldn’t be able to love. Without you, I couldn’t live. You have changed me from the moment I met you. You change me in the most posative way anyone could ever change. It’s like…….I don’t know how to be me, without you. And how could I not feel bad. I made you feel like I’m not here, and if I were you, I would be if you weren’t here. I’m sorry. And the word sorry convaes all my feelings in a few letters on a screen. Sorry is what will make me know, that you are the most important person. A sincere sorry will never be forgotten. And I will never forget you. I love you, now, always, and forever.
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