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EyesOfCrystal (profile) wrote,
on 02-03-04 at 8:36pm
....we always missed doing high fives........we DO suck! OMG!! NOOOOO......anyways..... I FEEL COOL! cuz i made chelsea do that... i MADE HER! yea .... ME IM COOL!!!! woohu!.... ya knwo i said something really funny either today or yesterday.......and that made me feel cool too......*looks around the room*
ooook no ones getting a kick outta this...... not feeling to cool anymore. ** thinks in the back of head " eh, i know chelsea or andrea is laughing right now"** OK IM COOL! yea well off i go.... oh chelsea... when were at swirl....i got a whole group of people that are gonna like go in the middle of the preppy peoples dancing group and just start dancing with them and wait for them to look at us and slowly move away cuz they realize we arent in their "clique' HAHA! its gonna be great! im wearing my black dress and black armwarmers and dark black eyeliner and BLACK LIPSTICK! its gonna be freakin awesome!!
ok ... NOW im leaving
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