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mandy16 (profile) wrote,
on 02-19-04 at 10:21pm
18) worried about something so much that an hour later is meaningless
19)just not done something simply becasue you didnt feel like it
20) laughed... and laughed.. and laughed... for no appearant reason
21) ran around in the rain--singing "I'm singing in the Rain" --its a wonderful feeling...just singing in the rain...
22) Wanting to quit but knowing that you just couldnt
23) Looked at something so perfect.. and knowing that you cant have it
24) Jumped up and down--gone crazy- and realized that you dont give a crap what people think
25) Known that the Father is there.. He knows you better than you do...
26) Shared something you so deeply believe in.. and getting rejected...
27) Failed.. at anything...btw... it stinks!
28) Gone up to someone and saying something COMPLETELY random... see what they say
29) Realized who your true friends really are
30) Cleaned for no reason
31) Wanted to impress someone..
32) Gotten all "done up" to go sit in a dark movie theater for 2 hours...
33) Written a poem..
34) Made up your own joke... that isnt funny... then telling everyone in sight
35) Got carried away.......
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