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aircraftcarryur (profile) wrote,
on 02-19-04 at 11:08pm
36) stared in people in adjaecent cars and they look at you and look away quickly but keep staring so when they look back to see if ur still staring they see u and ur still staring
37) been lied to be a good friend...
38) ...repeatedly
39) Been torn between the conflicting intersts of friends
40) Tried to do something even tho u knew u would fail
41) Had milk come out your nose
42) Tried to see if you could make a baseball break orbit by throwing it really hard
43) Heard some1 say something really dumb and pretend not to hear it but keep they keep saying it
44) Given up and tried again anyways
45) repeatedly
46) done stuff ur not gonna put on this list
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