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fading-away (profile) wrote,
on 02-24-04 at 12:58am
Aww, sweetie you're not worthless at all! -hug pet snuggle- None of my friends know about this either ;D At least, I hope not, lol. Eh, friends can be idiots sometimes, and even though you love them you just get fed up from time to time. Possessive-ness O_O Agh, whaddavice. Selfishness is also a vice, but you can't help it, lol. I love all my friends too, but I hate hate hate it when my favorite gets friendly with someone else... -gnaws at nails anxiously-

Having a good, long cry is a good idea. Why don't you take a long, hot bath/shower and relax, maybe have those good smelling bath shtuff too. That cry session may come then, or later, but it should make you feel better. <3<3
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