Anonymous wrote,
on 01-01-03 at 7:54am
First of all, the student started the altercation; if you 'violated his physical space' by grabbing his shirt is of secondary importance. If it's even that important. Granted, you probably should have called the police to haul his @$$ away for drunk and disordely ;)

Secondly: Ellie and I talked about this the other night. Whenever you start getting into the depressed, 'I'm no good, I don't deserve this...' slump, we're going to start calling you Piro.

Yep, Piro.

Now, on the good news. You do provide more than an opportunity for a free education. You offer moral and emotional support. And friendship. And I'm sure you offer laughter and silliness to her since you offer it to so many of your other friends as well *hugs*

Yes, the urge to die is a panic reaction; I know it too well from past experiences of my own. You've got my prayers and my well-wishes and all the *hugs* you can stand.

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