Anonymous wrote,
on 01-01-03 at 7:58am

Now that I've got that out of the way...


From a personal standpoint, it's my considered opinion that you demonstrated -considerable- personal control; having actually been in that position before, my solution was to pick the abusive drunk up by the throat and toss them bodily out the door.

From a more even tempered perspective, you still did well: being unable to physically absent yourself from the altercation that was wanted by the other party, you -still- managed to restrain yourself at the last moment, and not deliver an actual blow. 'Threatening gesture' is all that can be legitimately laid at your feet... and it was belligerantly provoked.

It's my belief that you did just fine, sugar. As for the rest...

/YOU/ are not delimited or defined by your job... and the role of partner is more than the greatly simplified 'hold a job' stance. Period.

I love you, dolly... it's all going to sort out. Honest. I can't promise a 'bump free' existence, but I believe that you are here for a reason.

~Ellie-chan and Kweepie the WonderPiggie.
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