Anonymous wrote,
on 01-01-03 at 10:03am
"Dominant virgins are a joke." This is great. However, I have to say that if I didn't like, and know you, so well, I might think this post smacked of something along these lines: Fucking virgins should just shut the fuck up because they clearly don't know anything about anything, having never experienced half of life. But I do know you. That said, you should stop hanging around Coffee Shop Pseudo-Intellectuals. These are the type of people that approach you just because you look like you might be one of them, as you drink coffee and read books while wearing black glasses. So while you're minding your own business--only at said coffee shop so you could get out of your house for a few hours--they sidle up to your table with a copy of Plato's Republic under their arm, and start yammering away about how great a work it is, and how it would really enlighten our society. But you know they've got the Cliff's Notes of the Republic stashed in the back seat of their car, and have probably never opened the actual text. These are the people that I advise you, and everyone else, to stay away from. Even virgins hate them.
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