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Tina (profile) wrote,
on 04-03-04 at 4:36pm
I think that he has hurt you more than enough, in more ways than one. I know love hurts...but I think you have got hurt enough from may take eternity to let go of him and you may feel yourself keep going back to him. I think you both are confused and don't know what you want but I truly think he is just using you and we all see it but I don't know he does, id the thing. But when it comes to his Friends its like you don't even exist and thats not right at all.., I'm sorry but I don't think thats right. Its like he doesn't want to except something when he isn around them. He's not a bad person from what I have seen. There has been times where we have all hung out and he has seemed pretty cool. But something in all of this jsut doesn't seem fair

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