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whatsleft (profile) wrote,
on 04-04-04 at 3:00pm
I can relate to almost everything you said. I'm quiet, and I can't communicate with people very well. For all of my highschool years I never had anything more than acquaintances. But the world is dying in dispair. The only reason God keeps us on this earth is to give people other people the hope that we've found. Everything else is vain. And the only hope that exists in this world is through Christ. I don't believe in shoving Jesus down anyone's throat, or screaming at them that they're going to hell. But in the end, if we've befriended them and given them everything and yet not told them about Jesus and they die and go to hell, what have we accomplished? Knowing God brings such peace and fulfillment that comes from nowhere else. How can we keep that to ourselves?

Good luck with your music. I study animation, but I'll admit, music is the most powerful artform.
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