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jedibumblebee (profile) wrote,
on 02-03-02 at 10:25pm a messed up thing. but i blame it on the english language. "friend" love is so much different from other forms, i mean, i could say that i love my sister, i love my dad, i love my cousins, i love my job, i love betty and robby, i love chocolate-peanut butter pudding and punk rock music and cheesy teen fashion magazines....and if you look at all of that, does it make any sense? i'm saying about 300 different things and I mean all of them to be true but i mean them all totally differently.

To summarize...
Love is objective. Don't get confused, don't get confusing. Say what you mean. My honest recommendation is to avoid that word for as much as you can because it is often misconstrued and painful when lost.
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