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n01under5tand5 (profile) wrote,
on 04-14-04 at 8:08pm
wow thank u both for realizing that crap wow ...but the love can u feel it in the air shes not a posser if shes being who she actually is inside i dont like good charlot or how ever u spell it in fact i hate them with a passion but hey to each there own and if your going to down size some one for being them selves than why dont u tell a dog not to bark or cat not to meow its pointless and when u do stuff like that it mean your insecure u dont understand your afraid to follow because you think your better but the best leaders followed got into some trouble realized them selves and made their life alot better from it soo yeh i was a follower i admitt and so were u some grow out of it like me others grow into it ...fuck society not the system with out the system we wouldnt have much it just needs a few changes for the better of the americas but you little kiddies im sorry but if u dont know what punk is its not a style its a way of life you cant call your self it because that goes against everything it really stand for and is you cant label yourself like that because punk is freedom excitement and doing w.e you want basically is we dont give a fuck persona so dont think u know when u have know idea ... 80's good shit thats where every one thinks punk emerged from wrong the hair style to keep it short can from indianas the atittude originated in england yeh get into politics to better understand what your really saying fuck to because thanks to the system ppl like punks can be bumbs and not get arrested and make money o yeh the laziness gotta love it yeh get over it your not punk your more likely a rock punk was lost somewhere in the early 90's... it just disappeared and now the true punks are living live dead or at home with the families they ended up making after they let go of fuck the system and society so yeh do your research kiddies and then talk and most of all be your self...muah love ya
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