Anonymous wrote,
on 05-09-04 at 12:15pm
Hello Lana, Its me Brandon again. You are such a deep thinker, Im amazed at all the realization that you have come too. I can't say that I am like you. Im very loud....well I use to be loud until some events happened. I use to go to baptist church when I was younger, and they showed me video's of the rapture at like the age of two, That has scared me on the way of God. Just resently I attended Church with a few of my friend that are Christian and It brought from the deepths ofmy depression for a bit. I try to study wicca. That has brought me a degree of happiness. Glad to hear that UNH is bringing you happiness. Someday I hope to persure a music career. I have a band right now but it just started so. Well I will continue to read. Good bye for now

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