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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 05-26-04 at 8:38am
it's so nice for somebody to say they have the best family for once. everybody's always jibber jabbering about how their mom stinks, and their dad wont let them go to the movies, and how their little sister bit them, and their older brother told embaressing stories... bla bla bla. i'm glad you had fun at the osaka japenese steakhouse. im not a big fan of sushi though. i just like cooked fish. and im sorry to hear your second sister is like a first sister living on the other side of the country. but i know what you mean. like... me and my "old" friend yelena used to talk on the phone until the battery died, or we'd watching degrassi marathons together, and talk about really cute boys... and the ones we couldnt have because preppy cheerleader had them. i never went over her house "her family life" was too troublesome, so she always came to mine. then... she just started hanging out with others in seventh grade, and so did i. now we NEVER talk, and whenever we do... it's about her getting drunk this night or stoned that day. having sex here, and there... i used to be her outlet from all that, and ever since we drifted, she picked up the wrong crowd, and started doing all the idiotic stuff...

i just wish i was still here for her.

thanks andi!

i think im going to give her a call!

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