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tiptoeinthedark (profile) wrote,
on 07-01-04 at 7:56am
I no wat u mean
I mean u want a guy to be wif?
and be close wif?
but not sumone thats like...
fuck me or its over?
or sumone that expects that
or wants just that
Im the same way
if thats the case
after Cole did that
I mean I slept wif him
then he did that
I wont sleep wif another guy
not for a while into the relationship
n only if I no they wont hurt me
and we love eachother
cuhz it hurts when ppl do that shit
n I dont liek guys ecpecting that
thats what they can get from me
and I just want sumone that will be there
ya no for me?
not for someone they can fuck
sorry.. jus
agreeing I guess

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