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silversoldier (profile) wrote,
on 07-08-04 at 2:44pm
Reason number one up there... If you don't go, you won't feel wanted. Not the best reason to not go. That suggests you want people to stop caring, which is clearly contradicted in the second half of your post.
Also Jessika, you're taking things the wrong direction in all of this. Despite who you're mad at (and in the event that I'm included, oh joy, I'm making more hell of your life by replying) it's not good to throw emotions to the wind. Yes, there are a fuck of a lot of insensitivities in this world, and you are not immune to them. As much as you think the world is horrible, you'll eventually see you're still a part of it. It's not fair to separate yourself from the human race sheerly from your feelings being hurt/ignored. It happens.
Yeah, I'm going on the offensive in this reply, but I can't always take crap from you. These kind of feelings go on with you, with me, with every other person you associate with.
And at the same time, it's not fair for you to put yourself under humans by saying that you're the butt end of all jokes. Prime example of someone who gets shit all the time from us: Maggie. She's not horrible all the time, but one can portray her that way. It sounds as though you think we do that to you as well. I'm sorry for this little misunderstanding, but it's not happening. Things should be taken very lightly, because there's going to be a lot of conversation in your life. You can't carry everything with you, so you best take the important things. When you start letting those go to hold on to petty arguments and mishaps in relationships, then you burden yourself with dead weight. Most people are willing to forgive, forget, start over with time. That's because they don't bother with their past. Find a peaceful medium.
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