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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 07-08-04 at 2:54pm
I can't always take crap from you.
When have I EVER asked you to put up with me or take crap from me? It is your choice to take it to heart. Your choice to actually read what I put here. Take you own advice here ;-)

I did not suggest I would feel wanted if I didn't go, but I would. I would be in my own room and not around people, which tends to make me feel wanted. How did that suggest I want people to stop caring? I want more honesty means to stop caring?

I knowI am not immune to insensitivities (is that a word O_o), but I thought I could escape them at certain points at which I have been proven wrong. And I am segregating myself by expressing my emotions? I don't think so.

Computer is going to turn off...
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