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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 07-08-04 at 3:01pm
I did not say I was the butt end of all jokes. Merely that people could TRY to be more polite once they call themselves my friend. I don't give Maggie shit most of the time. I tend to get along with her. Therefore, I don't think it right for all of you to constantly ridicule her. Mainly because she is not even there to defend herself. That is low.

There is a point when things stop being light. Like when you just can't handle it anymore for whatever reason because of the length of time that it has happened in.

How do I take the best of the important things when I am not even sure what that is?

And if I am so pathetic/stupid/naive then just leave me alone. Go away. You generally do a pretty good job of that.
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