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silversoldier (profile) wrote,
on 07-08-04 at 11:08pm
My "constant sarcasm/irony/assumptions" are practical and logical. For my own life. I'm sorry no one's noticed in the past, but I try to work things to my advantage, and lately things are not working. My cynic nature does grind down on people, and I don't care. I'm living my life to get somewhere, and I'm not afraid to drop friendships if I need to. Y'all know I have a hell of a lot of enemies, and most of them became that from tension between us, it did not start off that way.
So I'm sorry that I see the world from another angle, and I'm sorry that I make life a little shittier when I'm around. I'm sorry for listening to your complaining everytime you call me. I'm sorry that earlier on in our friendship you would come to me because I would make you feel better, and you didn't know why. I sure as hell didn't know why either. I'm sorry I'm a huge fucking hypocrite, but that's my nature. I change my rules all the time because my surroundings are changing all the time. I've told you I'm a contradiction to myself, and I've been aware for several years. I'm sorry I don't make any sense to you, but I'm even more sorry that I make less sense to myself. Above all, I'm sorry for my existance, but I'm here, and I'm not taking myself away. What I can do is let you be one step closer to your comfort. You say you want to be left alone in your room with no one to bother you? Fine. I've done that before too. So now that I've taken this little time to explain my sorry little story of you and I, I'll let you go off to your room, and I'll bother you no longer. If I have to cut my ties with you, then I will. You've asked me to already, and I've failed to do so by replying to this statement. But I've always prefered to get my last apology in. If I die, I'd like to do it with a light heart, and not carry any of these apologies with me. So I give them to you. I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm sorry I'm leaving, but I'm glad if it makes you happy.
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