Anonymous wrote,
on 07-22-04 at 8:43am
I was just reading random journals, and from reading about your life, your interests ect. all I gotta say is wise up. I'm not saying ur a bad person or anything, you're not, you're just fucking conceited! It's cool to be confident, but you're just so ditzy and perky...i mean in ur interests...BARBIE?! thongs??i like thongs too but pink thongs arent exactly one of my 'interests'.i need to brush my teeth. oh yeah anyfuck dont be ashamed of ur mom for smoking cigarettes im sure she doesnt like it either. but seriously a lot of people smoke. i smoke and i dont like it. im actually forcing myself to smoke a brand of cigarettes that i hate to help myself quit. i watch the simple life too except i forget when its on. i like nicky better shes more...i dont know the word for it. her personality, just better. ok so like i was saaying im not dissing on u or anything but u need to get over the whole brittany spears-hillary duff-pink-barbie-cheerleader-ditzy shit. you're 16. grow up.
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