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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 07-22-04 at 9:01pm
.....wake up call.

conceited = i act conceited all i please in my journal ---> but i'm so shy that you would never know i existed. ----> its all in my head. As far as my interests are concerned... get over it. u at one point hadda be playing with barbies, i just happen to collect them. pink thongs = i love shopping for underwear. i know a lot of people smoke... but its disgusting, and it smells like crap, plus its just a slow form of death.... so why the hell r people doing it? nicky is awesomely funny. n i like my whole britney / hilary / pink / barbie / cheerleader / ditzy thing... i'm 16. my room is still pink, i get mistaken for 12 years old because i am short, i am a cheerleader, and i am smart as hell... i'm in no rush to grow the fuck up. in my viewpoint... i work & do school & cheer & spoil myself & hang with friends.. so i'm just fine where i am at.
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