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Hakumei (profile) wrote,
on 08-03-04 at 4:49pm
What a fuckin moron! You cant inslut something when you dont even know a damn thing about it! Was there even a point in her continuing that agrument?...fools...

I say we strap her to an iorn chair and slowly raise the temp until its as hot as a branding iorn. Then, pin her to a wall facing a clock that says 'you have this much time to live!' counting down from 24 hours by the second. After the 24 hours are up, we come out and yell suprise! If she doesnt die from a heart attack, we put 15 differnt cuts on her body while a hobo tears them open with his filthy, filthy fingernails! Yes, I know its from foamy's snuff channel but its a good idea.

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