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Jacqui-Chan (profile) wrote,
on 08-03-04 at 7:41pm
okay here's where you seriously have to hear me out. honestly i defended you to all my friends too. i don't honestly like kaylen or stacy so i didn't defend them and lisa i just don't really know. but when i wrote that in my journal i was thinking of the people like kaylen who decided to not do their job. she missed a lot of tassels, i know, i had her row. so no, that was not a word meant for you.

you have to understand something else too. it wasn't us who complained. it was stephanie. she heard you guys talking about us. well i guess it wasn't you, but she heard them saying that they didn't like us and how annoying we were and our music was, she got sick of it. so she complained. so i'm sorry. i really truly am. but if you still want to forget being friends for the past 8 years than fine. i can understand why you'd want to. but i'm really sorry. i'd not have said it if i was thinking.
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