Anonymous wrote,
on 08-04-04 at 10:35pm
Don't ....Like...OZZY!? THE HELL!? Ahem...ok, i'm good..oh and KoRn is more of a alternative kinda death metal or grudge thing goin' on. And uhm..what ever other band you mentioned..uh..SlipKnot..their just like..that crazy ass know..just that semi industrial..I see no goth in want goth you listen to some thing like..uhm..VNV Nation and you got goth..And as for the "Welcome to the Jungle" I don't know I think it sounds like metal, when it comes down to it, Heavy metal is heavy metal, the original was the true..the new stuff is now considered rage and speed and this and that and so on and so forth. And I hardly ever listen to the original metal any more..accept for like black sabbath..and that's about it...only listen to Disturbed right now..and uh..some thing else..forget what else that is. I don't even know why you were argueing about this..maybe it's just Buda..that's who it was wasn't it? Ehh..just didn't want to accept the fact that the original metal was started with Black sabbath and Guns n roses and so on. She's one of those nu metal rockers and only likes the stuff you can't understand a damn thing they are singing any more. Kinda like SlipKnot is..and KoRn..I hardly call them metal..just not loud enough for some reason. Well, there is my imput.

- Kurama
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