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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 08-24-04 at 7:13pm
im sorry i wasnt available jen.

for that really sorry i havent been around you that much lately.

i dont even wanna think about it cuz its gonna make me cry and i dont want to cry...

but i wanted to spend time with neil before he left. as much as people try to convince me that ill see him all the time...i know theyre wrong. we both have lives, and when cathy visits, i dont even get moments to talk to her seriously really anymore. not only that, the next time i get to spend time with neil, we'll both have changed, and not to mention how much we'll grow apart in the next few months. i can deal with hul and spencer and wender leaving, although i miss them, losing neil is almost like losing you.

i dont mind that you're spending loads of time with mushroom. you look so happy with him and im so happy for you.

i love you and im sorry. also sorry that you have to deal with me the next couple of months cuz god knows im not going to be a bright yellow crayon...more like cornflower blue (lol from the movie...)

as for eric...well...he was sweet to you for a while but...::shrugs:: i dont have to lose people and you have to miss opportunities to realise that you cant sit around when they are in front of you.

i love you.


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