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sandimas (profile) wrote,
on 02-05-03 at 8:37pm
alright, this is for everyone who write on this idiotic thing about their misconseptions and superficial values of what music is. apparently, as the "ditzy blonde girl" said... it sounds like coffee house poetry. well call me crazy, but i judge the quality of a musical artist by their talent, not whether or not they play it on top 20 radio stations. and there is no way that ANY of you can honestly tell me that you can play a guitar better, write better, and sing better, all at once. i think it's a pretty amazing thing to be as talented as he is. and just to show how much you people know what you're talking about, dashboard is CHRIS CARRABA.... that's ONE PERSON... so im not sure who you think you're talkign about when you say "them" but it's certainly not a them. and i don't see how you can complain about him sounding like "coffee house poetry".... all songs are a form of poetry, just presented differently. so i assume you're talking about the quality of his writing. and as far as that's concerned...he's phenominal. so all of you people who say "dashboard sucks, it's too emo, blah blah blah" obviously haven't the faintest clue what music is. music isn't always about a catchy tune. it's about meaning. it's about expressing your feelings. so i'm sorry that you're not deep enough to think on that level and even attempt to understand his music, but that doesn't make him makes you ignorant.

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