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lilkristen (profile) wrote,
on 09-04-04 at 1:04pm
hey, sure you can look through my journal, as long as you're nice in your comments lol.. that journal BunnyBlonde.. you see, she did not leave nice comments and that did not work out.. but if you are nice, i would love to have you read my journal.. leave your a/s/l.. and name lol.. that was the answer to your second question.. to your first: nahh, i dont write them.. i listen to ALOT of music.. most of the lyrics i post are songs that mean alot to me.. the marquee going across the top of my screen at the moment is a song by Matchbook Romance.. 'My Eyes Burn' .. its a great song.. they're a great band.. and the paragraph is The Offspring.. i'm not crazy about the band but the song rocks..

if you like rock, check out matchbook romance.. theyre wayy cool


p.s. dun worry bout commenting when u dunno me.. ive done it too..
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