Anonymous wrote,
on 09-04-04 at 6:42pm
Gods all, my brother is annoying, he tells me not to bother talking to you. You may know him, close friend of Bunnyblonde, goes by Stevo? ive been reading previos loge, and iv'e noted a lot of the same things between the records, yet he still says you are a concieted ass, i think otherwise, you show that you care about others, outside of public life, thats wonderful, and you get pissed at those who ridicule, thats great, i think that they judge too fast to really know a person. I hope that we can get along, no matter what they say.
(Bunnyblonde is my brother's really close friend, and they listen to each other, so watch for anything that might be a little unfair, but be fair in your own commenting about them.)

Shade, out
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