Anonymous wrote,
on 09-19-04 at 12:37pm
Hey Girl.. I'm so glad to hear that things have started to settle down for you... although no one likes to "down time" in life when nothing really happens- I think you need this more than anything right now. just take a deep breath. Everythings gonna happen for you. Youre awesome, and even though you 'cant always get what you want' you have always found a way to want what you already have. and I respect you for that. Youre right, the concert is gonna be awesome and its REALLY too bad you couldnt come. I'll think of you!!

Hang in there girl... youre time is coming :) :) :)

MuCh LoVe!!!
Erica Clare - your freebird

haha. love you girl. to pieces.. of bean cake?
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