Anonymous wrote,
on 09-23-04 at 1:26pm
ok bro you dont know me and i dont know you, but in my experiences
dont give up on your true friends cause youll end up just getting a bunch of friends that dont really give a shit about you, and you probably wont be able to see it
and the whole sex, drugs, nerds thing, if you like the drugs, do the drugs (but dont ever let it come before your school or education)
if your a horny teenager and can get laid go for the sex, and if your smart and want to learn more, go for the nerds
do all three if you want, or just be yourself and dont label yourself
to this day i still keep people guessing at what i am
im sortof like a redneck, responsible, ghetto, horny, druggie that always scores super high on tests and yet still lack the knowledge of that fucking science of getting into fine ass girls pants
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