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godessalthena (profile) wrote,
on 09-25-04 at 10:13pm
Wow... Well... You're dying, hm? A kidney stone is dying with a thumb print bruise? Or is there more that you aren't telling me? Like gashes on your wrists or deep purple bruises that look like bats?

I don't understand you. This anger seems completely irrational to me. I never asked you to be happy, I just thought you would be. You say you want to see me happy but when I am you just get so fucking pissed I can't even stand to talk to you.

I'm sorry that your life sucks. You know I can't fix it. I can't even fucking fix my own. You're the one who doesn't care, you're just sick of the thought in your head.

And you're right. I felt bad that you had a kidney stone, they hurt, but you aren't going to die. I'm apathetic, I'm sorry, that's the way I am and you know that. You fucking know I don't care about petty things like kidney stones. I wanted to know about the 'abuse' but you didn't tell me...

I'm fucking sorry I can't read minds and that I'm a wretched friend and a horrid person who's never done a fucking good thing in her entire life. If I disgust you that much why don't you just cut off contact with me.

That's what you're saying to me here.

"Fuck you' usually means I hate your fucking guts so stay the fuck away from me. So that's what I'll do. I'll stay the fuck away from you because you don't care.

You hate me!
You hate me!
You fucking want me to die!
You hate me!

Good luck Lauren, I'll be rooting for you.
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