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kirbydee (profile) wrote,
on 09-26-04 at 12:42am
And yet apparently you do have a problem with saying it because you hide who you are. There is nothing worse than someone who can not face another being. You and Tenorio are worthless, cower behind your friends without the courage to show your face to the one who addresses you.

And you know what? Everyone has a bad side so do you think it phases me? No, not really. You know why else it doesn't phase me? Because I learned from my mistakes, I've learned to take in other people's feelings and not be a bitch when I PMS. I've gotten over it and bettered myself because of what I lost, I think you need to do so as well. Stop living in the past, "you're only as good as your last rehearsal." Thank you Ruch for the quote and as my mom says, "Shit happens so stop living in the past, learn from your mistakes and get over on with your lives."
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