Anonymous wrote,
on 11-22-04 at 4:43am
When I think of Jena I think of all the good times we've had with each other.(and of the really good but kind of hazy times we had at the beginning)

Jena is the reason I haven't given up, she is my life.

I met Jena at a Middle School dance while I was with my ex, I was a little more interested in Jena after what she said. Noone ever said that to me before, it meant a lot to me for such a little thing.

The best thing about Jena is her eyes. They are so beautiful. And also when she laughs too hard, she kind of starts squeaking of something, it's too cute. And she's also really cute when she's mad.

The worst thing about Jena is when she starts messing with my face....and when she whips out the tweasers...oh god!

I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with Jena.

Love you baby.
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