Anonymous wrote,
on 11-28-04 at 2:41pm
kaity i love're so random and you rambal on soo much its hillarious!!!! anyways thank you for finally updating good lord you took forver!!! and yes im such a loser that im a religious journal entry reader...haha o well w/e nothing betetr to do with my life...yea so mexicali was super fun! and so was the chocolate covered pretzel experience!!! and turkey day what a great day except for me getting sick but o well w/e oo and team bonding super fun times!!! gotta love just chillin in your basement!!! and omg your not over him!!!! your such a liar!!!! lol ;) well w/e we all know (including you yourslef know) that you still are madly in love but its chill ill pretend and say congrats for getting over him!!! lol anyways kaity basically i love you and im writting this cuz im mo bored right now!!! soo im gonna go...later... <3 lexi
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