Anonymous wrote,
on 11-29-04 at 11:58pm
mark shaull is a self-absorbed arrogant man. sophomore year tends to be the most difficult with him, i think. he's testing people out for mss and such. i was his target a lot of the time my sophomore year. partly because he does that to all sophs, but partly because of my family legacy (i have an elder brother who was his tenor soloist in mss for two years). the only advice i can give is: 1. don't talk back (you already know this, i'm sure. and you don't seem the type, frankly).
2. just grit your teeth and endure for all you're worth. going by my experience, junior year is easier.

besides, g21 is hell on earth. literally.

if you ever want to whine moan or rant, you know i'm online pretty much all the time.
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