Anonymous wrote,
on 12-09-04 at 11:40pm
I think you've got everything backwards.
A boyfriend is someone who is supposed to be romantic and do all the stuff you said you DIDNT need. A friend is the one who hugs you and makes you feel better. I mean, didn't everyone sympathize with you when Mr. Shaull critiqued you're awesome oboe playing on a bad day? Of course A boyfriend does that too, but you can have a bagillian friends for that and one boyfriend only adds one more to sympathize. Besides, you already get at least 5 huggs from guys a day ( usually at least 3 from lane) and that seems like plenty to me (then again being a guy I wouldn't know about needing huggs). Of course a boyfriend would be nice, but I don;t think a boyfriend is something you go looking for. To me its more: "I really like them and wouldn't it be cool if we went out."

ahhhh girls :-D
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