Anonymous wrote,
on 12-12-04 at 6:54pm
Chasmin I give you the biggest fucking props on the world.......You have realized all this in such a short time......I took almost 10 months for me to realize that with Marisa....I am just like you a romantic fool....But thats not a bad thing....Now that you think this way, you will be able to stay happy and all of that with out it bringing you back down....Chasmin You are an important person......I know I say mean things to you but your a good friend and a good person all around....Hate is a word that almost has no meaning, just like love....Sorry to say that about love but thats how I feel...I wrote a poem that can go with this....Kind of Ironic....Its called "Of Love and Hate" enjoy

"Of Love and Hate"
The color red is all that I see
Am I blind?
This Blurred vision
Of Love and Hate
What's the difference?
Don't they bleed the same?
Im' all alone
On this long journey
This blurred Quest
Of Love and Hate

Don't regret anything.....Bye Chasmin..

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