Anonymous wrote,
on 12-13-04 at 11:28pm
I KNEW I should've kicked the goalie on the other team in the face. That would've made you laugh, right?
Plus I think even though our conversations on the bus weren't super happy, they WERE beneficial (to me at least, because now I know what the heck is going on)
So, because my essay is about hope, I advise you to FIND HOPE! Because (as I prove) hope comes in any form, you can easily find something to hang onto (Paul has faith in freaking DIRT)
But don't make your hopes unrealistic, because when they're dashed (haha that sounds lame) then you are crushed JUST LIKE THE LITTLE KID WHO BELIEVES IN SANTA CLAUS AND HE DOESN'T COME!!! AHHHHH!!!!
I lurve you! FEEL BETTER!
(Did you get that thing out of the game? Because you can totally say that you cried for a whole day now. Then people will be even nicer to you!)
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