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shroudofrain (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-04 at 11:31am
Because if things wernt confusing life would make us weak and spoiled. God knew this therefore making us solve problems either on our own or with him/in him. Lol, I know you already knew that...... but it just sounded like you needed a little refreshing. Anyway, I know it was sudden me putting you onto my buddy list but my name is Patrick but you can call me Angel. I put you on my buddy list because there arnt many people that believe in Jesus anymore youth wise. So therefore, here I am putting someone that has the same views as my on my buddy list. If you think about it christians are a dying breed of religion. Anyway, if you need any help with problems or anything like that..... Im here to help. Id like to help you with anything you may need help with.
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